Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction And Natural Ways To Overcome It

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction And Natural Ways To Overcome It

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction And Natural Ways To Overcome It - What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is the inability of Mr. P to erect or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is also often called the term impotence. Patients with erectile dysfunction alone cannot be said little, according to data in the United States, about 30 million men there suffer from this disorder.

Seeing so many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is not surprising that we often read or see drug ads that promise to heal for patients with erectile dysfunction. The drugs advertised were varied, ranging from herbal medicines to chemical drugs.

What is the cause of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by various causes, including, kidney disease, drugs, stress and hormonal problems. But according to the study, the main cause of erectile dysfunction is the most common heart disease and diabetes.

Both of these diseases have a serious impact on the circulatory system. The problem of blood vessels that occur in these two diseases causes blood flow to all body organs disrupted, including blood flow to Mr. P.

Erectile dysfunction can also be an early symptom of heart disease before any other symptoms occur. Facts mention, men who have difficulty erection when stepping on the age of 40 years at risk of heart problems.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction And Natural Ways To Overcome It

How to overcome erectile dysfunction?

Here are some natural ways that can be done to overcome erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Opposing heart disease

Fighting heart disease means maintaining heart health, by lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol intake. Doing both ways in addition to heart healthy also proven to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Keep your weight healthy

Excessive fat deposits in the body cause an inflammatory process that drives the hormone changes of testosterone to estrogen. Decreased levels of testosterone and increased levels of estrogen in men is one factor that causes erectile dysfunction. A study says erectile dysfunction errors decreased after men undertook a weight loss program for six months.

Stay on

Staying active not only prevents heart disease and weight gain but also reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. Studies show that men who move actively have a risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction is lower to 70% when compared with men who sit a lot.

Treat gum disease

Gum disease does not seem to be associated with erectile dysfunction, but a study shows that 53% of men with erectile dysfunction also suffer from chronic periodontitis. Treatment of gum disease can significantly reduce erectile dysfunction complaints.

Reduce stress

Stress and anxiety are two things that can cause erectile dysfunction. It is very difficult to concentrate in bed when the brain thinks about work, finances and other stress. Do things that are fun and make the mind relax to help relieve stress.

Quit smoking

If you currently smoke then it's time you quit because according to the study, men smokers at twice the risk of suffering erectile dysfunction when compared with men who do not smoke.

Learn the situation

Try asking yourself, is erectile dysfunction a problem in your life? If the answer is yes then you should find a solution to resolve it. One solution is to go to the doctor, but if after the examination turned out that doctors do not encounter problems both physically and mentally then you should start thinking about resting sexual intercourse for a while.

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