How To Treat Natural Hemorrhoids With Garlic

How To Treat Natural Hemorrhoids With Garlic - A hemorrhoid is a disease in which the anus hole experience swelling when it is severe or the stadium top sufferers often come out of the blood. The first symptoms of the disease hemorrhoids or ambient this is small bumps appear around the anus which when left untreated will soon grow large and often bleed. Thus when you have hemorrhoids symptoms in a child treated immediately mending before the stadium will increase the severe hemorrhoids.

Well, how about hemorrhoids are already experiencing a stage of advanced or severe stage?? Yaap as done in the early stage, just the difference we need to be more regular and more must maintain body condition is also the food we eat every day. Than hemorrhoid will be increasingly severe and only operating table that can cure it.

How To Treat Natural Hemorrhoids With Garlic

The causes of the occurrence of hemorrhoids:

1. Too long sits

Sitting too long can cause the emergence of hemorrhoids, because of too long sits making widening on the lip of the anus, which can cause lumps on anus

2. Difficult bowel movements

Hard bowel movements can cause the onset of hemorrhoids, because of lack of water intake of white fibrous food as well, so the hemorrhoids will easily emerge.

3. Eating patterns

Eating patterns also strongly influenced the emergence of hemorrhoids, a very large food triggers the onset of hemorrhoids was less fibrous food because the food less fiber make us difficult chapters. And digestion less nice very large trigger occurs hemorrhoids appear.

4. Less consumption of white water

The lack of water consumption can lead to the emergence of hemorrhoids, because of less water on our bodies make the digestion process especially in the gut will be clogged.

After we discussed the notion of hemorrhoids and also the causes of the emergence of hemorrhoids, this time I discussed how to treat hemorrhoids naturally. In fact many natural ways of overcoming hemorrhoids, this time I discussed how to treat hemorrhoids naturally with garlic.

Garlic can treat hemorrhoids with how smeared. The trick is pretty easy to take garlic one or two grains of garlic mashed and then until completely smooth, then mix it with hot water and stir until evenly distributed. Then prepare a cloth or a fine sieve, and strain the mixture whitewater with the garlic. Apply a hemorrhoid lump diarrhea every day trying to accomplish after defecation, because after defecation hemorrhoid lump exists. Apply the Herb last each day with white water consumption on a regular basis, he would slowly shrink hemorrhoids and long will be lost. Please note: use regularly if it really wanted to recover, if not regularly do not hope to get rid of hemorrhoids.

How To Treat Natural Hemorrhoids With Garlic

So my article may be useful for all sufferers of hemorrhoids and also useful for those who still got the symptoms only.

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