Effective ways of Managing Diabetes through the Program "Healthy 4 5 Regularly"

Effective ways of Managing Diabetes through the Program "Healthy 4 5 Regularly" - Self Monitoring blood glucose (SMGD) is structured is one part of the program "Healthy 4 5 Regularly" to effective diabetes management

May 8, 2014 – according to the Ministry of health in the year 2013, the population of Indonesia with an age of more than fifteen years of age who have diabetes is as much as 6.9%. Meanwhile, according to a bevy of Endocrinology Indonesia (PERKENI) in Indonesia has entered 2011 epidemic of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. The highest levels of diabetes prevalence of undiagnosed by doctors in Indonesia is Yogyakarta (2.6%), Jakarta (2.5%), North Sulawesi (2.4%), and East Kalimantan (2.3%) with a tendency in women in an urban aged 45 – 52 years.

A diversity of the above phenomena, to minimize the development of an epidemic of Diabetes mellitus, Dr. Tri July Edi Tarigan, Sp. PD, KEMD (Endocrine Metabolic Division Staff, Department of MEDICINE/IPD RSCM) said that effective in Diabetes control is through the program "Healthy 4 5 Regularly" which aims to normalize insulin activity back and blood glucose levels so it is expected to reduce the occurrence of complications.

4 Healthy 5 Regularly consists of:

1) diabetes Education, so that people with diabetes continues to seek information and to know the development of diabetes so that it can understand the ins and outs of diabetes along the way his

2) Do regular physical activity for at least 3 to 4 times a week, for 30 minutes

3) dietary Arrangements diabetics need to be maintained with a low consumption of sugar and high in fiber so that it becomes balanced blood sugar

4) drug therapy or insulin with advice from a doctor in accordance with the needs of people with diabetes, do require oral medications or insulin?

5) Self Monitoring blood glucose (SMGD) a structured examination of blood sugar independently to monitor blood sugar levels within a specified time.

Jopie Leksmono, Business Unit Head of PT Roche Diabetes Care suggests that Indonesia, PT Roche Indonesia-Diabetes Care supports full against government programs "4 Healthy 5 Regularly" with hardness, disseminating the importance of doing a blood sugar monitor regularly so that blood sugar levels can be controlled well permanent and expected to avoid the occurrence of diabetes complications. With socialization program "Healthy 4 5 Regularly" is expected in the long term be able to suppress the increase of diabetics in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tri July Edi Tarigan, Sp. PD, KEMD (Endocrine Metabolic Division Staff, Department of MEDICINE/IPD RSCM), convey, currently, the habits of the majority of people with diabetes are not doing the controls on a regular basis because they assume the intake drug therapy perpetrated daily will be effective continuously. Whereas the development of a person's blood sugar levels at regular intervals can be changed in a certain period of time so that the required SMGD structured.

"Structured SMGD has a very important role for diabetics, i.e. not only to monitor blood sugar levels but can make it easier for sufferers as well as physicians in tailoring drug intake and can also help in therapy programs management of diabetes. So the blood sugar levels in the body can remain well controlled in order to avoid the occurrence of diabetes complications "he explained further.

The thing that same delivered by Jopie Leksmono, Business Unit Head of PT Roche Diabetes Care Indonesia, saw the growth of diabetes in Indonesia and higher awareness of Indonesia especially diabetics to conduct structured SMGD regularly needs to be improved so that the expected therapeutic management of diabetes can be more optimum again.

Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) or self Monitoring blood glucose (SMGD)

Based on the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 2008, self Monitoring of blood glucose is also recommended for patients with type II diabetes, good for sufferers who use insulin or OAD (Oral Anti Diabetic). The goal of self Monitoring of blood glucose is structured so that the result can be read (interpretation), so it's beneficial for the adjustment of the dose of the drug.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has some guidelines for patients with type II diabetes who are not using insulin to do the SMBG. SMBG should be performed by an educated diabetic, SMBG should be noticed from the beginning of a new diagnosis, Patients of SMBG should be considered as part of the educational module on the diabetes milling arrangement with the ability of each patient, setting Schedules and frequency of SMBG tailored to the needs of each patient, prior agreement between the need for SMBG diabetics with her doctor about the purpose of SMBG, the use of SMBG in need an easy procedure to monitor the performance and accuracy of the blood sugar test kits

Examination of blood sugar independently can be done with some ideal time period i.e. 2 – 3 days according to needs of diabetics, made at the time before and after a meal. The combination of tests is the simplest example of a structured SMBG.

Target blood glucose test results are:

· Fasting blood sugar/before eating → Under 100 mg/dL

· Blood sugar after eating → Under 140 mg/dL

Effective ways of Managing Diabetes through the Program "Healthy 4 5 Regularly"

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